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adult themes

  1. petergrimes

    The Hunt 3/3

    Authors note – this is the final part of a three part poem, if you haven't read the other two, it would be cool if you could try those before reading this. If you have read the other two, well I have done some significant and much needed editing to those since I first posted them. All the best...
  2. petergrimes

    The Hunt 1/3

    The Hunt. 1/3 - with thanks to the Pearl Poet and Roald Dahl The King and his court are on the way to the hunt, On their way to the dark woods, Those tangled, wild tracts, of tumbled, thorned trees, Where light is elusive, like smoke on the breeze...
  3. petergrimes

    The Hunt 2/3

    The Hunt. 2/3 - with thanks to the Pearl Poet and Roald Dahl A new style of hunt, for this second day, One single savage swine, alone is the prey, One which they must chase down, Out think, out last, out fight, It is strong, stubborn, beastly, All...
  4. M


    Hello all, The following is an excerpt from a monstrous novella I wrote a few months back. This, the opening chapter, is probably my least favorite of the piece, but I still feel it is an appropriate launch point for my character driven story, which is ultimately about how we change our moral...
  5. Twisted Sister

    Grim Dancer

    Bile eats anxiously away at my heart, In a beautiful disaster in parts that still somehow remains. It spreads like my silent sickness, With alarming quickness, Through the blood and air in my veins. A tumour. A cancer. My deadly grim dancer. Reminding me the one and only answer is, Less...
  6. S

    Frankie - 1626 words - Adult subjects and themes

    moving on
  7. michaelcthompson

    The Great Pretender

    DISCLAIMER: This story features adult themes and language, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. COPYRIGHT 2010 by Michael C. Thompson. "The Great Pretender" I think I was supposed to die that day. I don’t know what happened. My memory isn’t what it used to be...