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  1. gokedik

    The addict (sexual content)

    I came to Macy’s to shoplift, and she to find black fish net stockings. We ran into each other asking for help from a random employee that felt overwhelmed by our questions. Our eyes met and comets changed directions and solar flares raged. The changing room was just over her shoulder. After the...
  2. J

    Tomorrow. (Jade's Letter.) (Mature and Graphic.)

    I took my main character in my romance and decided to use her character to write a completly spearate piece. She's got a drug problem in the novel, and this is a letter to someone. I'm not sure who, maybe herself. Ten months. That’s all it took. Ten short months to wipe away any strength I...
  3. J

    Beyond Repair (Short) (Graphic)

    “Just come with us, Ry. You need to get out of the house. It’s been a week now.” Riley’s best friend urged her further. “You deserve it.” Riley stared blankly into the wall, almost as if she were looking through it. “I don’t want to. I hate the beach.” “You’ve said that about the mall, and...
  4. misstee


    I miss her. No I don’t. In the eyes of the sinner the white is god. In the pale murky depths of my soul I see good intentions I reach out, grab, scratch as the world flickers past me at a speed only a demon knows. In the eyes of me, she is beauty. I surrender my bones to the grasp of her...