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action adventure

  1. Zeynith

    Fantasy Prologue (Contains some violence)

    Hey everybody, I am working on a book and hoped to get some feedback on my prologue. Any feedback is appreciated. :) Prologue Corric leaned out over the ridge squinting into the light of the setting sun, his eyes straining to make out the canyon below. An icy wind whipped past...
  2. Narnia

    Help With Desert Fight Scene - 1,360 words

    I am editing a scene in my novel that I need some more of your helpful critiques with! Writing a fighting scene is not my strong point any pointers and grammatical corrections would be welcomed. Also I am thinking about changing the last quote and sentence. It doesn't flow well. Thank you in...
  3. Narnia

    Fall From Grace (Book Opening)

    "Snap!" A twig gave way under her boot. She pushed herself against the tree line. The forest had its ways of carrying sounds one didn’t want to be heard. The hood of her cloak concealed her in its depths as she let her eyes wander over the woodland, searching for a movement. Not a branch so...