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    Happy For You (Christine)

    Rough (And I mean ROUGH) recording here at the link below. I was singing the song in my head while recording the guitar part which is rather untraditional and I left out one beat in one of the chorus measures and completely threw off the second chorus, but it sounds just like the first and...
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    Acoustic Corner : You’ll Find a Way by Adam Harkus

    The first in a series of stripped back acoustic performances, live from Acoustic Corner. I’ll be performing a variety of material from my back catalogue, new stuff I haven’t produced yet, and even the odd cover. Just me and my Acoustic, live, and (hopefully) in one take. ‘You’ll find a way’ is a...
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    Acoustic Corner : The Indian By Adam Harkus

    I wrote ‘The Indian’ way back in 1999 as part of my unreleased and un-named third album. It’s song about the plight of the peaceful native American Indians against the cruelty of the ‘White Man’. A powerful message long forgotten, but one we can still all learn from today. Played on a Taylor...