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  1. seigfried007

    Seeking Betas for Pinocchio (incomplete novel)

    TITLE: Pinocchio GENRE: Psychological Horror WORD COUNT: 122K and counting BLURB: The life of a mild-mannered family man falls to pieces after he meets a mysterious entity in this disturbing retelling of the classic tale. AUDIENCE DESCRIPTION: Adults only EXPECTATIONS: While anything might help...
  2. N

    Toxic Masculinity

    I am walking down the street when I feel a few eyes on me. I look sideways and see a few guys gaping at me. Is it my dress? Is it my hair? No. I keep walking, they hoot. They call out a few names and laugh among them. I am uncomfortable now. I walk faster. They follow me. I am scared. Should I...
  3. J

    Tomorrow. (Jade's Letter.) (Mature and Graphic.)

    I took my main character in my romance and decided to use her character to write a completly spearate piece. She's got a drug problem in the novel, and this is a letter to someone. I'm not sure who, maybe herself. Ten months. That’s all it took. Ten short months to wipe away any strength I...