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    by Published on May 28th, 2010 09:47 AM

    Writing Forum members have the right to participate in an environment which is free from discrimination and harassment. Staff are committed to providing a safe and productive forum in which the diversity of individuals within the community is recognised and respected. Discrimination and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

    What is Discrimination and Harassment?

    Deliberate or unintentional behaviour that humiliates, intimidates, or offends and is unwelcome and unsolicited. Including (but not limited to) inappropriate or belittling comments with regard to:

    ∑ sex and sexuality;
    ∑ relationship status and preference;
    ∑ disability, impairment or handicap;
    ∑ race, colour, nationality, ethnicity and immigration;
    ∑ age and appearance;
    ∑ religious or
    political belief and activity;
    ∑ other forum memberships and online associations;
    ∑ writing ability;
    ∑ any other grounds in which staff deem unsatisfactory.

    Behaviour of this nature makes the environment unpleasant and leads to hostility.

    What if I offend someone unintentionally?

    What one person considers reasonable behaviour can be seen differently by another person. The fact that discrimination and harassment is not intended does not mean it does not contravene this policy. All cases of discrimination and harassment are decided upon at the discretion of staff

    What should I do if I am being discriminated against or harassed at Writing Forums?

    We recommend you do not ignore the behaviour outlined above, hoping it goes away. If you are comfortable, tell the person to stop and make it clear their behaviour is offensive and unwelcome. If you are not comfortable, please contact a staff member so they may provide support and act on your behalf. You may choose to use the ignore option by putting the offender onto 'Edit Ignore List' in 'My Settings'. Offending posts may be reported using the 'Report Post' option.

    We cannot stress enough the importance of reporting unwanted behaviour, so that Writing Forums remains a safe and pleasant environment for all participants.


    An accusation of discrimination and harassment may be potential cause for embarrassment, especially if confidentiality is not observed and a personís reputation is unfairly damaged. Therefore, we ask that discussion, information and records relating to complaints of this nature remain factual and confidential.


    Victimisation as a result of reporting acts of discrimination and harassment are regarded as a serious offence and will result in immediate investigation, which if proven, will lead to disciplinary action. An infraction system composed of warnings, points and penalties is used by staff to enforce rules and guidelines.


    We are asking that our members be adults and use common sense when posting on WF. We all know how to act and speak in public, and what is and isnít considered respectful language and actions. We arenít going to ban you if you use profanity, but if you are simply using it in an excessive and gratuitous manner, you can expect to be called on it. What that means is this: youíll be asked to edit your post; your post may be pulled for discussion; or your post may simply be deleted if itís a fluff comment. Rack up enough of these and your actions will be considered as ignoring staff and you will be issued an infraction. Our moderators all give their time voluntarily to this site and they donít need to be babysitting anyone who canít act like an adult. The onus is on you to act responsibly. Choose the words you use on the boards carefully and deliberately before you decide to curse.

    Disclaimers on fiction and poetry in their respective boards will be considered optional. Use your head with regards to whether or not to include them. We're not going to slap your wrist if there are a few minor swear words, but if your piece contains sensitive content and you know it's likely to offend potential readers, include the disclaimer. The staff will continue to pull work containing overly gratuitous content.

    Flaming has always been unacceptable on this site and will continue to be. However, there is a big difference in disagreeing with someone and a personal attack. We are bound to have different opinions about things, so we ask you to respect that and move on if you are unable to. Never personally attack another member. On the flip side, a thick skin is required in this profession. If you are easily offended, we suggest you refrain from engaging in heated discussions.
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