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Writing Forums is a privately-owned, community managed writing environment. We provide an unlimited opportunity for writers and poets of all abilities, to share their work and communicate with other writers and creative artists. We offer an experience that is safe, welcoming and friendly, regardless of your level of participation, knowledge or skill. There are several opportunities for writers to exchange tips, engage in discussions about techniques, and grow in your craft. You can also participate in forum competitions that are exciting and helpful in building your skill level. There's so much more for you to explore!

Usergroup Titles and Colors

Guide to Staff Ranks

Owners and Administrators:
Responsible for every aspect of the site, They retain ultimate oversight of the boards, but practical management rests in the capable hands of Supervisors. Administrators are also responsible for dealing with internal staff morale and external agencies who impact on the forum.


SupervisorsThey are responsible for handling the daily activities of staff and members. Supervisors have full and discretionary authority over the disciplining of members within the established policies, procedures, and staff protocols set by the Administrators and Owners. Their decisions are final unless the Administrators determine that those decisions are outside of established guidelines and community standards

Global ModeratorsGlobal Moderators can moderate every forum section. Usually they defer to the Forum Mod of the board in question, but when Forum Mods are unavailable, Globals can and should be approached for matters of urgency. Where necessary they take their direction from Supervisors and, when a situation requires it, Administrators.

Forum ModeratorsForum Mods are moderators assigned to specific areas. who can only moderate their own section(s). Where necessary they take their direction from Supervisors and, in the absence thereof, Global Moderators or Administrators.


Chief MentorsChief Mentors are directly responsible for all mentors. They liaise with the Admin team (Administrators, Supervisors) to set in place the policies and rules which govern the mentor hierarchy. While the forum Owners still retain all responsibility for staff discipline, Chief Mentors may sometimes be required to have a word with a mentor where a lapse of judgement has been made, or to impart advice in certain situations.

Senior MentorsSenior Mentors have demonstrated sound knowledge in areas that require more than standard mentoring, they excel in their specialist topics.

MentorsMentors are responsible for mentoring members on the boards they are specialists in. They provide feedback and guidance to members' writing, and offer examples how to improve the member's work.


Chief Media ManagerThe Chief Media Manager is directly responsible for the Media Team with overview of Newsletters, Interviews, and Social Media. They also assist in sourcing and uploading content to Flashes.

Media Managers
Media managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of of their assigned project(s), such as the newsletter, podcasts, featured guest and member interviews, WF Challenges, promotional graphics etc. They may also assist in sourcing and uploading content to Flashes.

Guide to Member Ranks


Friends of WF (FoWF), Financial Supporters and Financial Patrons.
: Members who offer financial support to WF. Please refer to the 'Donation Options page for benefits and further details.

: To qualify for Veteran status you are required to be an active member for a minimum of one year, be a positive force on the forum, and infraction-free for six months.

Senior Members: Members keep threads alive by adding their works, and their contributions to the discussions. They create their own threads, whether it's writing posted for critique, a question about dialogue, or an off-topic discussion about gardening or music. That's what a writing forum is all about, and it certainly couldn't exist without general membership.

Members: Due to spammers (people and bots who register just to advertise), we have put a few restrictions on new accounts. You can't create any threads in the creative areas (the Workshop, Fiction, Poetry, etc), and you also can't update your avatar or your signature until you have made ten valid initial posts. Or you can also pay the subscription fee and become a Friend of WF

Sometimes your posts don't appear immediately, usually because of links and images that cause the post to be flagged as possible spam. They'll appear after a moderator approves them.

Patrons: These members are retired admin or owners. While they have retired, they are still recognisable as such because of their title. Patrons have no staff responsibilities. But because they were once senior staff, this user group was created in recognition of their valuable contributions.

Retired Supervisors, Chief Mentors, and Chief Media Managers:
These members are retired Senior Staff. While they have retired, they are still recognisable as such because of their title. They have no staff responsibilities, this user group was created in recognition of their valuable contributions.

Honoured/Sadly Missed: There are times when someone close or otherwise important dies, leaving a legacy of memories, advice and gifts in many forms, and this is no less true for the WF community. They are gone, can no longer reply to our questions or comments, and yet still with us in their words and other contributions to the forum.