what are you reading?

  1. Crazed Scribe
    Crazed Scribe
    I'm currently reading Assassin's Quest by Robin Hobb.

    I wasn't to keen on the start but it's getting better as I read. I thought the other books in the series were great although the first one was a little bit slow starting.

    What are you all reading?
  2. fantasy girl
    fantasy girl
    I finished "land of the silver appels" by Nancy Farmer and that was really good and i am ow going to borrow "angels and demons" by Dan Brown
  3. Crazed Scribe
    Crazed Scribe

    What was Land of the silver apples about?
  4. fantasy girl
    fantasy girl
    well if i tell you that would give most of the story away so i'll give you hte blurb

    When his little sister Lucy is stolen by the Lady Of The Lake, Jack gives chase and follows her down through the Hollow Road and underground. Aided by his friends, Thorgil, the berserker, and slave girl, Pega, Jack uncoveres an unexpected world of hidden caves, hobgoblins, kelpies and elves. These creatures are not enchanted spirits one would expext, but fallen angels who steal human children and torment them. Could this be the fate of his sister? Will the magic he has learnt be enough to save Lucy?

    This is a really good read, it is the middle book of three but it is a good read on its own.
  5. Tiamat
    I think I read Robin Hobb once. Years and years ago. I don't remember though.

    Land of Silver Apples sounds like a pretty decent read though; I may have to check that out when I finish The Elric Saga by Michael Moorcock. But I've been a really horrible reader lately, so that may take me awhile.
  6. rachelwrites527
    Rereading The Lord of the Rings before December and, as always, Tamora Pierce's books.
  7. Capulet
    I'm working my way back through the Apprentice Adept series by Piers Anthony, starting to fizzle at the end of book four. Might not read the remainder again in favour of starting my own piece that blends tech and fantasy/magic elements. I wanted to be sure I wasn't stealing any themes from PA before working into my own. This is probably going to lead me rereading a big chunk of Norse mythology again while putting pen to paper.
  8. Tiamat
    I'm rereading "A Song of Ice and Fire" so I can read the newer one that's out. Because, you know, I have to read every book in the series again before I allow myself to read the new one. (Good thing I hated "Wheel of Time" because that would've been exhausting.)
  9. rave
    im reading one of simon r greens books right now but i cant remember which one, i just finished patrick rothfuss's books and they were great i ripped through almost 2000 pages in less than a week strongly recomend them
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