Other Hobbies?

  1. Cadence
    So what else do we do, besides writing the greatest stories in the world?

    I play the flute and DJ (amateurly)(Radio T&I | Mixcloud Just got started on Mixcloud!)
  2. Justinian
    I make music with a computer, spend life in total isolation, and contemplate what it would be like to die. That's what most writers do, right?
  3. Raptor980
    I make music on the computer (Raptor980 Music's sounds on SoundCloud - Hear the world), play about anything you can think of (saxophone, upright bass, ukulele, piano, etc.), and I sing. Creative writing is my only non-musical hobby.
  4. Cadence
    I want to get into music production - thought about buying FL Studio (tried it out, loved it to bits) when I actally get a laptop. Until then I'm just playing around with other people's stuff on Virtual DJ.

    I'm now following someone called 'Raptor980' on Soundcloud (I'm Treble and Infinitiy).
  5. AgentZero
    I'm a huge resident evil fan, and I make Let's Plays. I'm a noob at it, but you can check me out if you like.

    Agent Zero - YouTube
  6. Raptor980
    Thanks for the follow on Soundcloud, Cadance. FL's a pretty good program. I personally use LMMS because it's considered the best free music production program. I'll probably get it when I get enough money.
  7. Cadence
    Just made a birthday mix for my friend Ciaran... this Djing this is fun.

    B-day mix

    Took 8 hours to put together.
  8. PrinzeCharming
    I love macro photography. I am usually carrying my Canon Rebel T3i with the 100mm L Series Macro Lens. Just imagine A Bug's Life and Honey I Shrunk the Kids. That's exactly how I feel when I see insects up close. Beautiful shots.
  9. danielstj
    I'm a movie fanatic. I watch a LOT of movies.
  10. PrinzeCharming
    Do you still have a VHS?
  11. danielstj
    I remember the days of VHS. Glory days.
  12. PrinzeCharming
    That awkward moment when a select few will understand.
  13. H.Brown
    I enjoy photography and am looking forward to a time when I can get myself a nice camera so i can turn it from something I do when I'm out into a serious interest, learning all the techniques and editing side. Another is card making its another creative outlet but I love seeing a card come together, i also used to dance
  14. PrinzeCharming
    Are you Team Canon or Team Nikon?
  15. H.Brown
    At the minute I use a compact digital camera which I think is a nikon, but when I have the cash to spend I'm going to be asking advice the best camera I can get as it is that important to me as an interest I have always had a fasination with capturing a moment in time, just like a writer does in a story that's how I see photography whether that is taking pictures of friends and family to taking them of nature. However I am only begining on the jeorney of learning photography, nice to meet someone that i (hopefully) will be able to talk about it with. As for question I think it is too soon for me to pick a side in the team debate as of the moment.
  16. PrinzeCharming
    Ah, that's okay. I have a Canon Rebel T3i. It's a decent DSLR with a flip screen, especially useful for selfies. I also have a 100mm L series Macro lens. Yes, when you're ready, I'll be here to answer questions. Hopefully, I can help assist you with your photogenic endeavors.
  17. H.Brown
    I would like that thank you, My digi camera is a cannon not a nikon btw. Sounds great Anthony, camera makes at the moment go right ovrr my head but I guess I need to try some different ones out to find one I like myself I guess. I have used a cannon DSLR when I was at college but it was their equipment and started me seeing the fun in photography.
  18. PrinzeCharming
    Ah, you're probably right. Most photography courses will start off with DSLR's. Although they're expensive, they're great for beginners. We're currently in the process of creating a group designed for photographers as well as people who enjoy using photos for inspiration.
  19. H.Brown
    That sounds like it would be a great idea and I would be up for joining either it as a group, be great to be able to get help and advice on not only writing but photography as well. Interested to dee this happen.
  20. PrinzeCharming
    We'll keep you updated. Thanks for the feedback.
  21. H.Brown
    Definatly and no worries
  22. PrinzeCharming
    Hey everyone, how are you today?
  23. H.Brown
    Hey I'm well looking forward to writing on my day off tomorrow, how are you?
  24. PrinzeCharming
    Yeah, I've been keeping myself busy.
  25. Renaissance Man
    Renaissance Man
    Compose music with cheap software that doesn't get me the quality I'm shooting for, debate politics, pixel art which I arrogantly think I'm surprisingly good at, and try to find ways to get into the television industry which is what I want to be writing for.
  26. PrinzeCharming
    Hey Renaissance Man, thanks for joining us!
  27. H.Brown
    Hello Renaissance man seems that you have a lot of hobbies that are creativ in differnt ways, I am not very clued up on art styles but what is pixel art it sounds intriging and a great dream to aim for writing for television very interested to read some of your work sometime.
  28. PrinzeCharming
    Hannah Banana! You're back! Thanks for returning. We missed you.
  29. H.Brown
    Yes I am after a very busy week at work. I have missed here also it is good to be back and reading what everyone has been up to and posting. Looking forward to being more involved again with the forum so you will see more of me.
  30. Renaissance Man
    Renaissance Man
    Pixel art is using MS paint alone to try and get as close to pointism as you can. In my attempt to explain in layman's terms. I'll tell you all when I get into television what I'm writing for but I don't know any of you well enough to know if you can keep plots secret in real life. Tongue in cheek there. Hope you don't mind. I seem to be close but the drawbridge is up right now so it doesn't quite do me any good.

    Ah well. Persistence will get me there someday.

    And Welcome back H. Brown. Thanks for adding to the debate!
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