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Writing Forums is a privately-owned, community managed writing environment. We provide an unlimited opportunity for writers and poets of all abilities, to share their work and communicate with other writers and creative artists. We offer an experience that is safe, welcoming and friendly, regardless of your level of participation, knowledge or skill. There are several opportunities for writers to exchange tips, engage in discussions about techniques, and grow in your craft. You can also participate in forum competitions that are exciting and helpful in building your skill level. There's so much more for you to explore!

Frequently asked questions

How do I reply to a post
As a registered user you can go to a forum on a board where you have permission to view threads and leave replies. To reply you have a few options. You can use the reply box located at the bottom of the thread you are viewing and add a new post to the end of the thread. You can choose to quote a particular post if you are replying to something someone wrote. You may click the “Reply button located on the bottom right side of the message you are quoting. This will add the message to your reply box. If you wish to quote multiple posts in your response, you may use the +Quote button on each message you wish to quote in your reply. Then click the “Insert quotes button on the bottom of your reply box. This will bring up a Review selected messages box where you can review and/or remove any messages you’ve added. After reviewing, click the “Quote messages button and they will be added to your reply box. You may then type your response into the reply box, then hit the post reply button.