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Infraction Points System

Infraction Points System

Rules and guidelines are enforced by staff and their decision of what constitutes a breach of either is final and not open to debate. An infraction system composed of warnings, points and penalties is used by staff to enforce these rules and guidelines.

At a moderator's discretion, a member may receive one or more warnings via PM when they breach a rule or guideline. Otherwise, or if the warning is ignored, each time a member breaches a rule or guideline, that member will receive an appropriate infraction that carries with it points and a temporary ban.

Points accumulate with each new infraction and there are four levels of bans based on point levels. The number of points (and length of ban) assigned may depend upon the number and severity of infractions under consideration.

  • 3 points = 24 hour ban (points remain but become inactive 3 months after the ban is lifted)
  • 6 points = 3 day ban (points remain but 3 points become inactive 3 months after the ban is lifted)
  • 9 points = 1 week ban (points remain but 3 points become inactive 3 months after the ban is lifted)
  • 12 points = 1 month ban (points remain but 3 points become inactive 3 months after the ban is lifted)
  • Anything above 12 points will result in a permanent ban.

    If you get a 24 hour ban (3 points), when the ban is lifted the points remain. That means if you get another infraction within three months, your point total will be 6 points, resulting in a 3 day ban (6 points). It then progresses through the scale with each new infraction. Each set of 3 points will expire (become inactive) 3 months from the date the infraction and points were given. Senior management may opt to expunge part or all of a member's infraction record in recognition of that member's ongoing improved behaviour.

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