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So... this is a writing forum.

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This is kind of new to me. I've never been a part of any community (not even mine, aside from volunteering which I'm kind of obligated to do for the first 40 hours), so I really don't know what to think is going to happen.

I kind of thought it would be kind of like Y!A, where you kind of just "ask a post" and people "answer" with responses. But it's not. For one thing, I posted something up yesterday, and still no replies! At this time on Y!A, there would have been at least 3 people (maxing out the number of people who will bother to answer or even see my post).

But I'm not complaining. It's nice to see that people have seen my work, they just don't want to/are too lazy to respond to it. I don't blame them, heck. I do the same thing. It sure as hell is tedious to wait, though (considering I don't have a life and am running out of PC games and internet stuff to do, so I end up lingering on the same website for like 5 hours on end).

Anywho (yes, I know it isn't a word, but it sounds like one, so I'm going to use it), I really didn't know what to write about in the blog entry. I've seen "recent blog entries" on the side, and I've seen people's avatars that look familiar from answering/replying to other posts, so I thought Do I have a blog too?, and it turns out that I do. And this is it. Great.

I guess I'll have to tell you a little about myself sooner or later, so I think it's tell you the most obvious and kind of "bad" part of why I essentially came here. I wanted to just post my writing and see what other people thought. I've always been told that I'm a good writer (well, by my English teacher... which, ironically, is a subject I don't favourite), but I always figured it was because she was my teacher, and she had to say good things in an attempt to make me perform better in class (which, evidently, did not work). So yeah.

That's basically it for this blog post. I honestly don't know why I wrote this. It's not like anyone reads my blog posts. Oh, wait. I don't have a blog.

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  1. PiP's Avatar
    Hi Glyph,

    I notice Folcro, one of the WF Mentors, has left quite a detailed critique.

    Kind regards,

  2. Glyph's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pigletinportugal
    Hi Glyph,

    I notice Folcro, one of the WF Mentors, has left quite a detailed critique.

    Kind regards,

    Hi Carole,

    I thank you for letting me know. I did see his response after. This blog post was more of a teenage rant, I honestly didn't think anyone would see it let along respond to it! I posted/wrote it at a time when I just wanted some answers, and was a little impatient. But thank you for reading, and I didn't mean to sound mean/rude/harsh. I was actually just quite bored and had nothing better to do than describe my thoughts on the interwebs.

    Thanks again for your comment and help,

  3. PiP's Avatar
    Hi Glyph,

    Hey, no problem

    Did you find Folcro's critique, helpful?

  4. Glyph's Avatar
    I did. Quite helpful (Sorry for the late reply).
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