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My first short story.

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I've finally decided to give writing a shot. I've heard that it's a good idea for beginners to start with short stories, so this is what I've decided to go with. My first story is about a gifted, yet troubled child and her encounter with a unicorn. The working title so far is "Twinkle and the Unicorn," although I might go with "The Girl Forlorn and the Unicorn." Does this sound too sappy? I suppose any story featuring a unicorn can never be too sappy. XD So far my main challenges are proper grammar/punctuation and a short attention span, but I think in time these challenges can be overcome. Wish me luck!

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  1. PiP's Avatar
    Good luck Sounds like an interesting story
  2. Anachronomicorn's Avatar
    Thanks! I finished my first page. I hope to get another one down by tonight.
  3. PiP's Avatar
    I look forward to reading it. Will you post to your blog or to the forum for critique?
  4. Anachronomicorn's Avatar
    You are too kind. I'm most definitely going to post it, but I wasn't sure as to whether I should post it on my blog or the forum. Would I be likely to get more replies on the forum??
  5. PiP's Avatar
    Personally, I would post to the forum if you are looking for critique. You can always post to the blog afterwards if you like
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