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What Happened to Manners?

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I admit with pride that I am a G.R.I.T.S. (Girl Raised in the South). Of course being raised in the South used to have meaning - people assumed (and some still do) - that Southerners will act a certain way and do things in a certain way. One thing that I had drilled into me when I was a child was manners. Please and thank you. Yes ma'am, no ma'am. Yes sir, no sir. And if you need to move passed someone who is in your way, "Excuse me," usually does the trick. Or at least it used to.

Yesterday I went to Walmart and was checking out in the Garden Center because I'd parked at that end of the building. The line was fairly long and when I got into it, I was standing in the doorway between the GC itself and the main part of the store. There was a guy who walked in and rather than going through the right door and going past the register where no one was waiting in line, he walked through the left door where everyone was in line. And he had a shopping cart in tow. The woman in front of me had a shopping cart and she took the time to kind of organise the items she had so she wasn't looking around when he came up. He just pulled his cart along inch by inch as room was made by the woman's movements. I'm quite sure if he could've managed the words, "Excuse me," she would have noticed him immediately and moved to accommodate him and his basket.

It amazes me that people are just so clueless these days.

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