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Progressive Writing and What It Means.

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[SIZE=3][FONT=book antiqua]I think writing begins with one's self .
It has to be.
It makes sense because writing is easier to execute.

I like reading real stories. I find them fascinating because they are related to people and are a fact of life.
So I found myself thinking up a new movement/genre to writing.
A new idea, a different direction if you like, to make writing accessible to everyone.
So I came up with 'PROGRESSIVE' writing.
Progressive because it is set in the past, but written in the present.
Let me explain.

If one say starts begin by writing down stories that happened in one's life .
Let say events from the past.
I would call it a COMPILATION of Life Stories.
I would include stories from childhood, growing up, events, incidents ,travelling, Childhood friends and plays.
Anyhting related to one's memories andlife experiences.
I find wrinting stories related to me very easy to do and interesting to reread because I AM the MAIN character in them.
I know how to Begin, what the plots ARE and I know how they End.
These characteristics makes writing a piece of cake, a doddle!!

After I have completed my say chosen stories, I will then take PROGRESSIVE as my style/genre.

I am my own editor so I will proceed to changing the stories into something different something better.
Let's say one incident I wrote about revoke upsets or deos bring back good memoryie for me to reread and for others to read.
So I will introduce new facts and ideas to improve my stories.
I will give them the feel good factor.
I call it PERFECTING my stories.
I have with the use of Progressive concept in fact removed unwanted feelings, upsets or bad memories.
I have given my stories a fresher view, MY view and turned them into something sensational that would make them a brilliant read for me and my readers.
I can just imagine the success headlines it would powerfull they could be and the impact it would have on me as the writer.
Where better to start writing then with MYSELF , about myself, Me, my past and present and my better futur.[/FONT][/SIZE]

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