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Do I Know You?: That Awkward Eye Contact

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You are in a public place, say a restaurant or a coffee shop. You are reading a book or playing with your iTouch while you wait for your order to be served. Suddenly the waitress brings you your coffee or pasta. You both look at each other in the eye, and you feel a spark. You say to yourself, I know this girl. And when you looked into her eye, you knew she’s thinking the same thing.

Sounds familiar?

Well, something very similar happened to me a couple of days ago when I went to a coffee shop near Vito Cruz. I ordered my favorite cup of chocolate chip cream coffee. I then sat down and waited for my choco-chip to be served. Fast-forward some minutes later, this waitress came to me with my coffee. Enter that eye contact of doom. I’m not exactly a ladies man so I feigned ignorance, partly because the lady was a bit cute, and well, you know how geeks react when they meet a pretty lady. (^_^) The other reason is that I was engrossed with this Deaver novel, and I hate it when I’m interrupted in my reading when the interruption is not that important.

So I drank my cup of coffee whilst reading the novel. Moments later, my younger brother arrived. I was waiting for him since I was his official driver for the day. We chatted for a couple of minutes, then got ready to leave. The girl who gave me my coffee earlier approached me at this point then asked me a question, “Excuse me, is your name ‘Elijah’?”

I looked at her and smile, then said to her nonchalantly, “Yep.”

She burst out laughing then gave me a friendly slap in the shoulder. “Hey, I’m Cindy! From high school.”

With the same awkward smile and matter-of-factly tone, I said, “Yep, I know.”

We then chatted for a couple of minutes regarding our current work and education, some bits of reminiscing and then part ways. True, the actual conversation was a bit boring, but the way towards that talk was certainly, in a lack of a better word, amusing.

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  1. escorial's Avatar
    always nice to be recognised...nice life story man
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