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River Rose

Longest Night

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I am a mom.
Itís my life. I know all momís say that. And itís true. Our children,,,for me anyway,,,are the most important part of my life. I conceived them. I carried them. I birthed them. I nursed them. Carried them on my back or front,,,sometimes both as I have 8 children. So I have seen a lot. Happy tears, sad tears, sickness, diagnosis of certain food allergies,,,one heart defect. I thought this little mamma had seen most everything until last week Wed night as my 15 yr old second son (I have 2 boys and 6 girls) went limp right on my kitchen floor. I didnít know what was happening. I didnít know what to do. I am a solo parent as my husband is estranged to my family. I had to hold it together. I called 911. Luckily one of my older daughters was over and could stay w the younger ones. I met the ambulance at the hospital where I was not allowed in due to COVID restrictions. I was told the Dr would call me when they knew something. I waited for the call in my van the was finally allowed in. I was raked into a side room and told that my son had type 1 Juvenile diabetes and was in diabetic Ketoacidosis. His blood sugars were thru the roof. They were transporting him to the big city childrenís hospital to the ICU. I was told he may not make it as he was in critical condition,,,that if he did make it he may have damage to his organs. This began the longest night of my life. Which was actually 2 days of watching,,waiting,,listing to a room full of monitors beeping. As a healer myself,,not a medical healer,,a holistic healer,,I knew what I had to do to support what the medical staff was doing. As I work w unseen veil,,I dove into what I knew. I called and my sonĎs guardian angel his guides,,, our ancestors in another realm. I called my guardian angel, my guides, Archangel Raphael. I used Reiki. Anything,,,anyone I could think of. He slowly started to recover. Numbers were slowly improving.
He is home now and we are learning his new way of life. He is improving and his strength is returning. I will never be able to thank the dedicated medical staff enough for all they did for my son. The unseen team that I called in that night to heal and stand vigil over my son will be with him forever as they did not leave, they continued to show up around him. To them,,I will continue to pay forward the gift they gave me. I will heal others as they healed my son,,,on that longest night.

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  1. petergrimes's Avatar
    Oh River, I'm so sorry, I hope you're doing as well as can be. You did the right things. I'm glad you were able to use your knowledge to help him. Remember, you are strong - do all you can do to look out for yourself, take some time for yourself. Find those little things that can give you some peace and space, for you must be right to help all others. I have often made the mistake of going out of my way thinking of everyone but me and then ended up as a result neglecting myself and being no use to anyone. Stay strong and remember yourself. Don't let the tide sweep you away. Walk in the forest and listen to the trees, speak with the birds, try to find some peace. Breathe, drink deep, the stars are watching over you. All the best mate PG
  2. Neetu's Avatar
    My best wishes are with you, River Rose. I am a mom, too, and it’s also my life. I know just how you feel.
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