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Show & Tell 3 of Many

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How about a little me time
A good place to turn the chicken loose to scratch the bottom of my cage

Considering me, how much time do I put into being just me and not just who I should be or an adaptation for pleasing other
In my day job this aspect was substantial as you needed to project a trust me I know what I'm doing persona

But Im talking just being me

Other than orientating for others most of the time I'm more like water I flow into the shapes of those around me
A chameleon in a way as i duplicate another’s energy so as to not scare them

Its a reflex now but learned as i used to occasionally terrify people when i was less than cloaked
There is nothing, nothing worse that seeing total panic in a friends eyes as the finally see you for what you are.
It hurts beyond measure.

What am I

I am someone who can do stuff and when you truly understand what is capable your acceptance that reality is very fixed and tangible suffers a lot as does your own sense of knowing your place in the universe

You see most of the stuff going in and around you is pretty much because you choose to believe it.
Yup Up to and including gravity.

Am I talking out of school. Nuh No one reading is stupid enough to believe this, so no harm no foul

Thing is you lot are just looking over my shoulder eaves dropping on my conversations with me and as such, careful as you go.

Small point of character call it an impromptu test

Would you ever in the night get up and wander into your neighbour’s property and peek in through their windows or rummage around in the garbage bins or check out the laundry still hung on the line.

My question is why not ?

You can, chances of getting caught are pretty small.

Again No, because there is some deep and instinctive eeeeewwwww to doing that. Its not getting caught that stops you its your self disgust that just says NO

I’m a telepath yup just like on TV but actually its a lot different but honestly it is “TV” so you should not expect great revelation
So as a telepath I can come and look in your windows and rummage around just like you can to your neighbour.

Do I ? Nope

Same restraint and its visceral

But if you own up to telepathy and the best of friends are clasping there inner knickers draw screaming “Oh My God” what if he can look here

Ive met other telepaths in my life They are very rare so be still your heart

Ive caught the odd one having a rummage in me as you can and the sheer amusing shock within them when you advise
“I can see what you are doing”

I just love the bullshit answers “I did not think anyone could tell” or “I'm so sorry I did not mean to”
Oh yeah right eh
You hold up a mirror to their character and they start forgetting they ever met you. MIB I was never here, pretty pathetic

One final point

We are all inside mostly the same, same, same, you have no idea how close others deep down feel about themselves, being, just like you.

Let me explain

I have a seer. A person gifted in seeing. I go see her a few times a year when she has an opening as she is booked over a year now in advance. She likes me cause she can play in my mental sandpit with my buckets and spades and its cool to compare sand castles and stuff

Forgive me its a pretty good metaphor

When i was new to talking with her my lack of trust issues allowed me to look within her as she was looking within me to advise so quid pro quo etc etc

I watched how she drew energy and information and it was pretty cool to observe

Then i shifted and without understanding started to look out her eyes. I think she pushed me there. Yes she is that sneaky

There was this guy in front of me. Not bad looking Teddy Bearish and kind of solid, capable, and well rounded

I liked this guy instinctively
Then to that “Oh Shit” moment

Fuck I’m looking at me


My self image in contrast to her perception of me was awful. All my good points atrophied my edges embellished my soul clouded and shaded as against light and clear in her eyes

Oh shit my self image is so negative so shat upon as to make me wince when i compare the two

I am not my own friend. Shit Ive had enemies who have been kinder in how they orientate to me than l am of myself

What a wake up call

Back to telepathy

You see most of us see ourselves as I do. We lessen our good points and amplify our weaknesses and bad points and generally relentlessly beat the shit out of ourselves in self talk

If there was a wish i would make for the world it would be for everyone to truly see themselves as they are

Im now running the memory of looking out Miri’s eyes
Shit I need to make some more inner adjustments on how i see myself

What are the mechanics here

One thing i know

what ever you are told often enough you will belief

So on that note careful what you watch on Facebook etc etc and how you talk of yourself within

There are sophisticated algorithms focusing on giving more of the same on social media

And therefore

You are going to be told the same stuff often enough that you will therefore believe

Old adage “Careful What You Wish For”

here endith my lesson unto Me

I hope I’ve paid attention

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Updated November 12th, 2020 at 11:52 PM by Gofa (Spelling)



  1. dither's Avatar
    It's a lesson for us all, if not all, a vast majority I would wager.
    The self-fulfilling-prophecy, it's a bitch ain' it.

    Gofa, I'm running out of plaudits here and they all seem a bit naff anyway so I shall just say thank you. Once again one helluva read.
    Updated November 13th, 2020 at 01:58 PM by dither
  2. Gofa's Avatar
    I miss you D
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