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KILL IT WITH FIRE (work in progress, almost COMPLETE)

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[Intro 1]
[Intro 2]


I'm gonna kill you all
I'm gonna burn this shit down
There's nowhere you can hide
My fire never dies


I've risen above the wreckage of what is left of humanity;
I know the final answer now, I've seen the truth; the golden key -
the crimson flame, the scalding wave, my pounding heart; {CONFLAGRATION}
fear death no more, the pain is gone, let fire take me; {IMMOLATION}


[Guitar solo]

Ignition burns; the friction turns the planet earth; the black smoke rises
on the wind; purge worldy sin - it exists no more in this suffocating silence
Earth to earth; ashes to ashes; dust to dust; {RESTITUTION}
Ashes in your mouth; ashes in your eyes; ashes up your ass; {ABSOLUTION}


I don't know what the fuck I got to do
to get it through to you; I'm sick and fucking tired of all the shit you've put me through, and I really hope the last thing I get to smell is the stench of your rotting corpse before the flames engulf me to my death

[SOLO 1]
[SOLO 2]

[Melodic interlude]

[Breakdown 2]


Carbon dioxide filling up my lungs and brain; the cold inviting; nerves are severed; screaming; death will numb the pain; burning with anticipation; (a) glass of water my salvation; (I) wish I had (an) asbestos jacket; (does) anybody have a blanket?

Fire take me, and take away my enemies
Blackened rubble is all the future's left to see
Cities crumble to embers down beneath my feet
Infernal darkness becoming a reality

Sirens blaring; terror; panic in the streets
People dying; the holocaust will be complete
Sacred fire; the scorching blaze consumes your soul
The pain escapes you in whisps of smoke now lost forevermore



Coming in at over 7 minutes long, this is the longest and most dynamic song I've ever written.

I can't say I'm not impressed at myself; after finishing 4 songs in a month it's nice to sit and work on a technical masterpiece and build a 7+ minute song from scratch.

I've left out the final guitar solo until it's complete, so this recording is only 6:45 seconds and ends where the solo begins.

The bass player I've been arranging the bass section with is integral to the solo being completed because when I record the final demo he's going to be playing with me. We will be trying to record this song as a single and sell 7" copies/CDs.

He's gonna develop artwork for the single and it will be epic.

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  1. RhythmOvPain's Avatar
    This song is now complete, but a final demo will take a while due to the bass player not knowing the complete composition yet.

    It's roughly 7:40 seconds long when I play it alone, but with the bass it should be longer. I'm unbelievably satisfied with all my hard work over the past two months.

    I've completed 4 songs in one month and the next month, a masterpiece that's almost 8 minutes long.

    I love this song, and I can't wait until It's fully complete.
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