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Although I was unable to complete the NaPo this year, I have been managing to find time to make music. I recently finished composing all the rhythm tracks for a seven song EP, culminating in my magnum opus "Flight of the Reaper" which has been burried in the music forum.


Anyway, this song marks the beginning of my second compositional effort, an LP. The first of maybe 10 or 11 songs I will compile together. One song, Militant Genocide is already complete with lyrics, and I'm working on several simultaneously. I pumped this one out because I absolutely adore it; I feel like it's the song I needed to finish to make a statement: I was once among the fastest guitar players alive, and I'm going to get my speed back by the time this album is fully composed.

This song is one of the most fun I've ever written because it's got so many goddamn notes in it, and the main riff consists of 12 chords being played in one second flat, which I have never seen or heard of being attempted before.

I am primed to finish like 5 or 6 more songs relatively quickly, and most of these songs will have lyrics before the songs on the EP I've already completed do.

My goal is to record the rhythm tracks of every song I've ever finished composing, and use them as a catalogue for reference and exposure.

My portfolio is growing.

I have 9 complete songs on guitar, and one complete piano composition on YouTube.

By the end of the year I will hoepfully finish 3 or 4 of the songs for my first LP.

Tbis song is just a small example of what to expect from this album, as previously stated.

Militant Genocide is somewhere in my blog or on the forum, which demonstrates the ridiculous speed I used to harness.

I will die with a guitar in my hand.

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