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Dylan di Vilde

Snotty Nose

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Snotty nose, O snotty nose,
where it comes from nobody knows.
Itís not a cold, Iíve had the flu -
the Swine, the Bird and the Man type too.
Recovered, scrubbed up good as new.
but the stubborn, sudden, snotty nose
still hangs around, it comes and goes,
its conquest needing several blows.

Iím offered tissues
by girls who have issues
with a hanky.
Theyíre manky,
they squeal, unhealthy as well Ė
now use this gel.
But Iím not diseased
I just sneezed.
And now Iím OK
And will be probably be so for the rest of the day.
This brief visitation surely shows
how fickle is the snotty nose.

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Tags: poetry


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