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Tired of Politics

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Bleh. Politics. Iím sick of it. Iím sick of reading about it, sick of hearing about it, sick of people talking about it. Itís become a preoccupation because itís so [email protected]#$%ed up at the point. People are too political. Your politics have come to define who you are as a person. Thatís what politics are.

There are some who, believe it or not, believe things for which there are no supporting facts. Thatís always been the case, though. People believed the world was flat and that it rested on the back of a turtle (albeit a rather large turtle), and that the sun revolved around the turtle-earth combo. Sure! It made perfect sense, so why wouldnít people believe it?

Today we have people who donít believe man (and in a few cases, women) are contributing to making the climate hot as a stolen tamale. Sure, thatís a lame saying, but I couldnít think of anything better. How about hotter than summer in Phoenix where itís not uncommon for the mercury to reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit. In a city that hot, they should really switch to Celsius. 49 degrees Celsius doesnít sound nearly as bad as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. And Celsius is a much nicer sounding word. It sounds Greek or Roman, like Julius of Orange. Fahrenheit? That sounds like a Nazi word. Heil Fahrenheit!

Sure, I could look that stuff up, but that would require me to search with Google and then Iíd get ads for Nazi regalia showing up in my Facebook feed.

Okay, thatís all for now. Itís supper time!

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  1. Smith's Avatar
    Did you know that on Christmas day it was 50 degrees Naziheit, the hottest day since mid-summer of last year?!

    Did you know that, where I live, today has been the coldest day in the past three days?!
  2. Space Cadet's Avatar
    Written word has never been more valuable than it is now, especially if it’s source worthy. Many things have been said in many different ways, but there is still loads of facts that bolster reasons to dissect how things got this way.
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