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Poetry Marathon Over

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So, the marathon is done, poems organized and submitted. Whew! That's an accomplishment and a task that I am relieved is over. So now the reprieve and time to relax some. It was a good run, but now back to the regular routine. I do have to get back into that. However, one more hurtle is that I've come down with a summer cold, ugh. Feel crummy and I wanted to get back on the wagon with buzzing around here not that I'm done with the contest entries and writing poems for that. I'm gonna have to take a few more days to recuperate guys.

The next project in my life is preparing for the family reunion in New York. It's going to be a big one, all the Van Alstine clan that is left of it and willing to make the trek. So I have decided to print a portion of our extensive family genealogy tree (I'm the family genealogist and have 6650 give or take people that I have researched and entered into the Legacy program I have as well as a mirror tree on-line) so 440+ pages that I will be printing out for the reunion, my father's direct ancestral line (a very small portion of our genealogy tree). I thought it would be nice to have for the reunion.

If I can "oil the cogs" perhaps I can come up with an apprpriate poem for the event. That is my intention. We'll see about that as well.

There is an October FSPA convention in Daytona Beach. I would really like to try and attend that. Maybe God will shine down on me and make that financially feasible? Another dreamers goal.

Well, back to my OJ, Ben and Jerry's and Netflix under the blankets. Hopefully will be back to my old self in a few days.

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