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Human Life: Unpurposive, Unproductive, Useless

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I was playing The Frozen Throne not long ago and I came across one sentence that a character in the game was saying. He said that “death shall cleanse the world.” I think that it has been about roughly two years since the event occurred. Now I realize that this statement might just be very true.

A lot of things have already occurred since this last event. I had been in my freshmen years back then. I am a junior now, entering my fourth year in tertiary school just roughly three months from now. My principles in life had been rocked back and forth different directions and I do think that at this point, I had not been as rigid in any principle whatsoever. Then I started thinking: Is there even a principle to hold on to?

Not much can be moral nowadays. Murder is rising by the number. Crimes are way out of control. Poverty is flourishing. The poor are getting poorer and the rich just keep on getting richer. What is the world coming to?

I came across “The Day the Earth stood Still” and it got me thinking: Hey, why have so much high regard from the human race? Even if we all die, nature will still be on this earth, proliferating as if nothing happened. Nature, if we will talk in sense of the current “empirically theorized” scientific stand, then even before humans came here, nature was already there. Humans, should they all die, will have not much significance, is there? The planets will merely continue their rotation and revolution cycles, animals won’t give a damn, trees will still continue to grow, stars will still give their light… well, you get the picture.

The movie “Watchmen” even compounded this principle in me as it talked about the same thing. Human society is the thing itself which corrupts this earth. Some may say that the earth’s resources should be handled by a steward, I say, nature was created without humans! Nature was able to proliferate without human intervention before humans existed (whether you look at it in the biblical or scientific chronology).

What do all these things boild down to? Well, isn’t it evident that humans are not really much usefull to the environment? I mean, take a look at it. Nature does not need some steward, God does not need some co-partner, the universe surely does not need some operator. Humans have no usefulness. Take away humanity and there will be no wars. Take away humanity and there will be no pollution. Take away humanity and there will be no conflict.

I was watching a documentary the other day, entitled “Zeitgeist” and it was surely a whopper. I mean, it discussed things way beyond my understanding. I hate to be a spoiler but I might hint on some of its contents to you as I go along with this dissent of mine so if you don’t like to, then stop reading now and simply proceed to their website first,

The documentary said that humanity is enslaved by competition. And you have to agree, man is simply the competitive type. Look around us, we compete with other people for us to be recognized by our boss, to be acknowleged by our teachers, to be applaud at by our clients, etc. It is not that we all want the fame, or the power; it is because we struggle to survive. If we will not be recognized by our bosses, we won’t have a pay raise, and we’ll starve because of the high costs of living. If we are not acknowledged by our teachers, we cannot have high grades that will enable us a degree of certainty in our uncertain futures. If we will not be applauded at by our clients, we can never be invested at and trused with, as such lessening our chances of earning something for living. And in the midst of all this competition and conflict, for the struggle of self-preservation, we destroy everything in our path. Look at it this way, Nature gives us resources, we humans fight over it, and in turn, nature is destroyed because of the conflict we humans create. Its like turning down an offer and finding that offer offensive at the same time. Crazy.

In all these things, as far as I am concerned, humans have no purpose. What is our purpose? To steward nature’s resources? To be of service to God? We can’t succeed in either of these, can we? Human life is nothing more than a fallacy.

What can we do? You know what I think? I think we can do nothing. All our efforts will be useless. It will have no bearing. The only obvious thing we can do to help this world is if we all die, but that isn’t really an option, is it? Although it is certain: clean this earth of humans and everything will continue as if nothing happened.

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  1. KarlR's Avatar
    John Wheeler's (go ahead and google him...he's a 'somebody') last years were spent pondering this very thought. His last theory was that the universe (or the Universe) requires intelligence to achieve its purpose. So far as we know, humanity is the receptacle of that intelligence, and, by observation of the universe, we are ushering it into its fulfillment.

    Mostly you should lighten up. Life is dark enough without carrying this weight on your back!
  2. InsanityStrickenWriter's Avatar
    From my mind, humanity was not put here with any particular goal in mind, but that doesn't mean we have no use. Keep in mind that Earth has a limited lifetime before it turns into a Mars or a Venus, and I see our use to Earth as being the people who can one day leave it, taking the legacy of Earth with us, (plants, animals, etc.)
  3. Custard's Avatar
    The one thing that I think would fit here perfectly is a line from the Matrix "Humans are just like a viruses. They consume and then they move on (I know it dosent match but Agent Smith said something like this)" Humanity is a humilation unto itself, looking as to what it has done to the earth. We are supposed to be the sentient beings, I think before Earth turns into mars or venus there are still a couple of million years left unless humans decide to decrease it to a hundred.
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