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Change of Title

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Even though I'm heart-sick that I haven't completed any of my novels, there is a fortunate side to this. It's not too late to change the title. In looking at Wattpad, I find there are over 100,000 stories posted either titled Zodiac Chronicles or some variation of it. Whether title this or not, this is an excessive amount of stories revolving around characters based on the Zodiac signs. So, how do I make mine stand out?

First- change the title, or switch it around. This is what I intend to do. For example- Prelude...
The cover will read Prelude- A Zodiac Chronicle.

I am also going to skirt away from using the signs as the title of a book. I wouldn't want my works confused for the other people who chose titles like "The Zodiac Chronicles: Cancer"

I'm also thinking about pairing up characters. Instead of giving each one an individual novel, I'll team two heroes to a book. As it's written, Taurus and Libra are prominent in Prelude. I see no reason why I shouldn't or couldn't continue this trend with the others.

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