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I wasn't sure if I should post this in a prompt, conversation or game area... It could be either or, so I decided to post is in my blog. It would make an interesting game.

Some ideas can be had by completing this question. I had one come to mind and was wondering how others completed this sentence?

What if a woman gave a sample for a DNA registry.... and the results came back as inconclusive?

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  1. Winston's Avatar
    That would mean she hails from Nirvana.
    It's the place where sane people wish we could all be from. A place where our past does not dictate who we are, or what we are made of.
    No ghosts of the dead and burdened. No stains of crimes past and future. No Sins of The father. No Privilege. No excuses.
    The Tabula Rasa. She can be whatever she wants to be.

    As can we all.
  2. Kevin's Avatar
    Her inconclusive DNA shows she's one of them, a Zucker, and most probably a reptilian-created thousands of years ago in Yakub's evil breeding program. She flew here in a space ship shaped like a DC-8.
    Updated May 18th, 2019 at 08:56 PM by Kevin
  3. MzSnowleopard's Avatar
    Interesting ideas. I'm definitely thinking alien, not sure about reptilian though. I'm working on a concept that Earth isn't the only planet with humans. Of course, this is typical among science fiction, especially in TV / movies ( for budget limits).

    I'm thinking of calling her 'the new Eve'.
  4. Stygian's Avatar
    You could say the tests came back inconclusive due to an oddity in the DNA sequencing. Instead of the 4 known nucleotide base, they found a 5th.
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