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It's coming up fast. There are about only 5 weeks left until my move. It's hard to believe it's almost here.

This Friday I get my storage unit. This Saturday is my farewell luncheon at the local Golden Corral.
Next week, my stuff goes into said storage unit. It's unreal. For the last few months I kept thinking time was going so slow. And now, it's like where'd the time go?

2 of mom's cats have delivered their litters. The first had 7, the 2nd had 4 and the 3rd is still to deliver.
She's asked me for help in homing them.

I found an air-line approved carrier for Athena, it arrives in a week or so. I also found this soothing, stress relieving spray. You spray it in the wool piece that goes in the carrier and it's supposed to keep the pet calm on the airplane. It's less than $ 4, so I figured why not try it. I got her a sporting new purple collar too. It's supposed to release pheromones to calm the pet during stress.

Since I've had her, 10+ years, Athena has only been out of the apartment to visit the vet. This includes 2 hours long trips on the city buses- much to her dismay. So, I'm taking precautions and spending the extra bucks hoping this fancy stuff with help.

All of this is coming / happening in the next week or so.

I still have a number of things to pack, some things need to be repacked, and other boxes need to be packed into boxes. Oh boy!

I'm excited!!!

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