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Communication Itself is Catharsis

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I didn't realize it at first, but I am who I am- a person that can be quite to the point of unnatural at times.

Because of this I'm well aware of the anxiety and comfort people have when being in the same space with a person that does not communicate. It's strange to the point where you realize that having a quiet person in the same room with you is worse than being alone in the same room.

The last one made me wonder a bit, and the only thing I could come up with is that I had heard something similar. There was an experiment where they suggested that babies who are not touched suffer certain psychological and/or psychosomatic symptoms much more than one that is touched. They say loneliness is crippling to mental health. And then I thought of that thing I heard where they explained the perverse nature of priests and their predatory sexual conduct or their emergent homosexual practices as being a sort of perversion caused by their isolation from or suppression of sexual contact.

I came to believe that all these things are connected. That their is a type of flow, for lack of a better word. That human beings need exchange- a back and forth in whatever form possible. Maybe this back-and-forth is tiered in a way that some are more effective, needed, or desired than others. But this back-and-forth- whether vocal, physical, or otherwise- is part of some sort of catharsis- a purging of mental and emotional tension.

I think that awkwardness you feel when you communication is impeded or nonexistent is a building tension or anxiety. Or that life itself- the process of just being- builds up a tension in a person and the ability to communicate somehow releases this tension. Maybe this tension and release is part of a clever biological programming- something created to get us to need to be around other people- which is why we are social animals. And maybe we would find that other animals who are loners- if we could test for such a thing- do not have this type of anxiety or need for repour. They are perfectly fine being alone.

The thing is that catharsis through communication is achieved even when a person isn't physically there to share it with. Doing something like putting a message in a bottle or writing in a diary is a small form of catharsis. It's probably not as good as having someone to talk to right there, but it still has cathartic value. When you watch a moment in a movie that brings on a huge cathartic release, this shows that while communication is cathartic, catharsis is not limited to communication. That hitting a punching bag or running a mile or five can be just as cathartic. You can live without all these things, but you probably live better with all these things.

Tension and release is nothing new to an author, a musician, a movie maker, or any of those types. I suppose the idea of catharsis in these things is already well known, but this is my little podium and the idea suddenly struck and so I do what I do naturally... I write it down.

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