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In training

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I know I've always been crusty and cynical, but at this point I strive to be a curmudgeon. I may not be old enough yet, but I'm getting there. So here I sit, gibing the world the middle fingered salute and laughing at the world's stupidity. However, there are some people here that my agree with me.

And get off my lawn!

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  1. Winston's Avatar
    When I was a 19 year old Marine, the other Jar-Heads called me Old Man. Mostly because the way I dressed going on leave.
    But some of us are born with that state-of-mind.

    And slow down! My street isn't your darn racetrack!
  2. escorial's Avatar
    What's 6 foot long and stinks of piss...pensioners queing for their pension at the post office
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