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ICYMI W/E 2/24/19

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Ok, so the Vietnam summit is on. The bromance continues between Kim and Trump. Skeptics (rightfully) point out that Kim has a weak hand, and not much motivation to go "all-in". This is where Trump needs to prove to us, once and for all, what a good businessman he is. Trump's only play is to "sell" Vietnam's style of state-run capitalism as a model for North Korea. Kim's country is a wreck, everyone know that. It really may be possible that there is a way out for them. Norkos "Juche" philosophy will have to be updated, modified somehow. We don't know, but hopefully Kim sees that they can no longer function as The Hermit Kingdom.

And speaking of dysfunction, Venezuela's government is an unfunny joke. Maduro is a thug needlessly subjecting his people to crippling depravations. IDK even if Guiado can fix this mess, but for God's sake, Maduro needs to GTFO so that country can heal. He can take exile in Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, who cares. At least a handful of troops have defected, refusing to shoot at hungry protestors. Let us pray that a groundswell rises, and more Venezuelans refuse to support Maduro. I mean, Commies like "people's revolutions", right?

Boys behaving badly, or more like old creeps being creepy. R. Kelly has the dual honor of being an accused molester AND a failure. The washed-up rapper couldn't even come up with the hundred large for bail. I mean, a lot of creeps get a pass because they have money, power and influence. R. Kelly = Total Fail. On all accounts. I'm actually rooting for Avenati.
Not so Krafty? A billionaire getting a quickie from a sex-slave in a Florida strip mall. You can't make this shiat up. It's kinda sad, as he's a 77 year old widower. But he's also as dumb as a box of rocks. Hey Robert, you got a TON of money. You could have easily arranged some kind of consensual, discreet arraignment through an "escort service". But no, you went cheap with the $75 strip mall special. Pathetic.
The Catholic Church is committing to not molesting kids... again. I'm sure they mean it this time.

Girl behaving VERY well: Diane Feinstein. She shut up those snotty socialist kids by simply explaining (firmly) what nonsense "The New Green Deal" is. The Feinstein of old resurfaced, tough and pragmatic. Good to see, even if it was only in passing.

Was there some award show yesterday? Yeah? Oh. I'm sure it was fun.

That Amazon plane that crashed in Texas? IDK when they'll find the "black box" in all that muck. I do know that zero calls for help, and a steep dive profile smells suspicious. I'm calling another case of murder / suicide.

The Muller Probe will allegedly wrap-up soon. When it finally is released, no one will be happy. There will be no exoneration, or charges. Just of bunch of redactions that make everyone angry and suspicious. That was billions of dollars well spent. Thanks, you partisan sore losers.

I'm just thankful that Spring training has started. Finally, we're back to a worthwhile distraction. But there are rumors of a player strike. Oi.

Remember kids, if you didn't like this weeks news, it'll be different next week. Not any better, just different.

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Updated February 25th, 2019 at 11:59 PM by Winston



  1. escorial's Avatar
    I think Trump could pull it off...most think he is out of his depth on most things...he might lack a finess in political speak an none of that double speak politicians are adapt at...I compare him to the iron lady...what a baby that would have been...
  2. Winston's Avatar
    No. Reagan and Thatcher.
    Nancy would hide in the closet during the coitus. And watch.
    Or Trump and (Nancy) Spungen.
    Sid would lay on the floor. On his side, of course.
    Updated March 1st, 2019 at 03:41 AM by Winston
  3. escorial's Avatar
    All the president's I know of can't keep it in their kex and this makes them more normal...look what happens when you make men celibatehe ....wood turns into a cross
  4. escorial's Avatar
    East meets west but no deal from the man who gets a kick of big deals....his staff must be telling him his internet's down
  5. Winston's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by escorial
    East meets west but no deal from the man who gets a kick of big deals....his staff must be telling him his internet's down
    If you're really surprised, you haven't been paying attention. I think disappointment is an appropriate reaction, but Trump accomplished his main goal: Distracting from the Cohen testimony.
    Seriously, I'm throwing this out there: Kim is an insecure, paranoid man from an insular, paranoid nation. The fact that Trump is paying him attention is a good thing. I used to work with juvenile delinquents. They say they want this or that, but you know what they really want: Attention. Hopefully (God, I'm a crappy optimist), Kim can see Trump as being authentic and eventually they can deal as perceived equals.
    You can't blame Kim, and the Norko regime, for not taking any of this seriously at first. They've been playing the US and UN for decades, and we've been chumps. Respect is earned, not purchased with pallets of Dollars. Perhaps Kim and Trump are learning to respect one another. If so, that matters more than centrifuges and rockets.
  6. escorial's Avatar
    I would not underestimate Kim...he got his uncle knocked of at the right time...you need others to put you in power an like Trump without his dad bailing him out these people
    probably wouldn't make a footnote in history...as for trump deflecting attention away from his detractors...there in his is strength and when his close aides turn on him he will be gone...prob just like Kim...
  7. Winston's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by escorial
    ...prob just like Kim...
    Two sides of the same coin.
  8. escorial's Avatar
    I'm listening to a local radio station an the presenter always asks for good news stories for his two hour show..one wonders if this is what the public want...
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