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Reaping what you sow.

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The world is full of skeptics, full of those who are so guarded and cautious that they would have you to believe that you're only going to be hurt by going the extra mile or extending a hand, that you're going to be hurt and or disappointed.

I recently got hurt. I went from running 19 miles on Jan 1 of this year to not being able to walk even a short distance. After spending 8 days in intensive care I was helpless. The guy who always reached out with a helping hand for others, now needed one just to standup.

I was overwhelmed with the support I got from those I have done business with or just made friends with over the years. I had friends take care of the wood for my outdoor furnace, bring food, offer to loan money or just anything that was needed. I sold one of my companies to a customer, on hand shake deal based only on what I told him it was worth and what it included. The words, "Let me know if you need anything," to numerous to even count

I have been scolded many times in life for being too generous, being more than fair or for trusting someone who others considered un-trustworthy. To them today, it is easy to say you were wrong. It is a cold cruel world out there and it sucks to try and do it all by yourself. The solution is simple, when you see someone else struggling, jump in to give a hand, they will no longer be alone an neither will you.

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  1. bdcharles's Avatar
    Wise words. Glad to see you back with us here on WF
  2. PiP's Avatar
    You are a special person, Bob. We are all so relieved you are okay.
  3. Gumby's Avatar
    Yes, so much truth in those words. You are much beloved by those who know you.

    Matt 7:15-20. You are known by your fruits, bob. So glad to see you recovering!
  4. Darren White's Avatar
    Always here for you, and you know it Bob, I have a huge virtual hand
  5. Kevin's Avatar
    Intensive care?! Heal up ( I'm sure you will). It's good you have good people, and are good people- who attracts good people...
  6. H.Brown's Avatar
    Get well soon Bob, thinking of you and yours
  7. Firemajic's Avatar
    I am so thankful to read this post, this is a fabulous day! Hugs and continued prayers for you and your family...
  8. Phil Istine's Avatar
    Glad to hear you're on the mend, Bob.
  9. Plasticweld's Avatar
    Thanks guys for all of the encouragement and support. I was able to walk around out side today for the first time, and I seem to be healing rather quickly.

    The time I spent in the ICU was unique, I shared a room after the fourth day with two different room mates at different times, one who was going to be moved to a long term care in which most likely he would never ever leave and another guy who had toxic blood poisoning and was given a 2 percent chance of living.

    I had my wife or daughter with me most of the time, neither of the other guys had any visitors. I had a flood of people who came to see me, each offered tons of support and relief from boredom. It was easy for me to have light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. Neetu's Avatar
    Feel better soon!
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