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So, I just got out of prison.

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Life has an interesting way of taking the gas out of your balloon. Last year I spent 40 days in prison, 37 days in one and three days in another.

This time around I only pulled 21 days; 18 in one and three in the other.

It's funny, I got R.O.R. on my third day in the first one and the fuckers took 15 days to pick me up just to see a judge. Three days later, I got out on unsecured. I'm 150 miles away from home atm, and I have a bus scheduled for 7:30 AM tomorrow morning to take me back.

9 out of 10 I lost my job, which sucks. I also have to find my fucking cat because the asshole that was watching her in my absence let her escape (probably trying to find my sorry ass) and I think it was like four or five days ago.

I'm also talking to my ex-fiancee again. She was the only one who supported me while I was locked up. I really love this woman. Even after everything that transpired between us, and even after a fight we had over the prison phone, she's still on my side right now. I couldn't have hoped for anything more than to hear her voice every day while I was incarcerated.

The good side of all of this is that I finally have an opportunity to settle up court cases from 2014 and 2015, which are long overdue.

When I went in front of the first judge, he was like, "I'm gonna put $10,000 bail on you." I was like, "PLEASE give me R.O.R." he looked at me for five seconds and then hesitated before saying "ooooooookay, I'll give you a break this time."

As shocking as that shit was, the second judge was giving away unsecured bail like Oprah; out of the twelve motherfuckers in the courtroom with me, eight got unsecured and the other four got ten day extradition papers. Suffice it to say, it was a good day to be in prison. Lol.

Anyway, I'm about to head back home and get some welfare in my life. It's nice to not have active bench warrants holding you down.

I'm entirely satisfied with the outcome of this whole ordeal. Last time I got out of this prison I just left, I got a cigarette from the first person I saw. This time around, the exact same thing happened.

If that's not fucking love, I don't know what is.

Anyway, it's been a long time since I had any decent stimulation. I watched the Eagles shit all over the Giants last night, which was about the most entertainment I've gotten since I got locked up.

Last year I read like six books in the first prison where I spent 37 days playing Back Alley (the colloquial name is "Fuck Your Neighbor") and chess the majority of my bid. Noteworthy books were The Walking Drum by Louis L'amour, Bright Star by Robert Louis Stevenson III and The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey (which was surprisingly a very good read).

After my transfer I read three books, including The Fifth Vial by Michael Palmer, which was FUCKING PHENOMENAL.

This time around I spent 15 days in the first prison doing nothing but Spades and bidding with people. I read the most horrible book called The Master Song Verse 1 by James Maloney, which ripped off every fantasy novel dating back to The Neverending Story and literally quoted The Lord Of The Rings verbatim ("One does not simply walk into..."). That shit made me angry because it was the only book in the whole pod.

This time around the cell I got transferred to in the second prison didn't have shit to read, so I basically sat the entire 72 hours and change looking out the window. It was annoying as fuck because the cells in that prison are small as shit.

All things considered, I'm just glad to be out and able to blog about all of this. I may post a follow-up when I get home tomorrow.

Hope all of y'all are doing well. ROP OUT.

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  1. Winston's Avatar
    Well, at least you had the chance to read that Louis L'amour classic again:
    "Never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lie down, never lie when you can sleep."
    God, I hope you can find your cat. Maybe your ex can help?
    I'm getting ready to pop a cold one, I'll toast your freedom, AND you cleaning up your legal shiat.
  2. H.Brown's Avatar
    Well ROVP sounds like you have a rough time of late. I hope everything turns around for you soon.
  3. Smith's Avatar
    Damn, glad you came out of it alright my man. Tonight I'll be doing the same thing Winston did.
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