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Another Update #MoneyUpdate

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I am still on the quest for that $500 million, I will be telling you guys that I am a starving Ethiopian with $500 million, seems I should be going back to the days when people used to make fun of me for being Ethiopian. People care about that a lot. So the only way for me to make any sort of cash to be as vulnerable as possible, no Ethiopian man has ever thought of that before, I don't think anyone from Ethiopia has ever had the courage to do what I do. So let me tell you that I will be on the hunt for being the richest man in Canada. Are there even any Ethiopians living in Canada anyway?

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  1. Robbie's Avatar
    I hope you become the richest man in Canada so you can share with the Ethiopians. You have a generous heart.
  2. Robbie's Avatar
    Why would anyone make fun of you for being Ethiopian? That doesn’t make sense to me. If they did they have a small brain.
  3. Winston's Avatar
    I will never make fun of you for being of Ethiopian descent. That would be silly.
    However, you are now a Canadian eh? Game on...
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