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Well? I hate to admit it....

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But I can't deny it:

Life could be a whole lot worse than it is right now.

The weather, is agreeable.
The garden, is a riot but what the hell.
My telly addict wife is downstairs getting her fix.
I meanwhile, am sitting here, perusing various websites, supping chilled Cider, and tomorrow can wait.


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  1. Plasticweld's Avatar
    Dither, my favorite saying is that it could always be worse. I have worn it as a badge of honor, wore it out and just plain ol made it annoying for anyone around me.

    My wife said that on my tombstone she is going to inscribe the quote. "It could be Worse. He was Wrong."
  2. dither's Avatar

    I to would find that annoying to put it mildly.
    But what can I say? Even for me, it could be worse.
  3. kaminoshiyo's Avatar
    "Tomorrow can wait."

    I hope to get to a point in life where I can say this
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