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An eventfull day...

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So today was far from a boring day at work, we had a poor customer that got herself stuck in a bucket swing (was fairly funny), we had a great laser party and then to top it all off i had to chase a goat...

Yes you did read that right, I chased a goat.

Just another day in a child's play center, fun times.

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  1. RhythmOvPain's Avatar
    Enjoy the absurd moments. They're the ones you'll never be able to forget.
  2. H.Brown's Avatar
    Tell me about it ROvP, it was hillarious and I was crap it kept trying to headbutt me and I kept jumping away, I'm not good with animals.
  3. escorial's Avatar
    chase me...i could crush a grape
  4. H.Brown's Avatar
    like the goat Esc, I'd never catch you...
  5. escorial's Avatar
    if you do you get a crackerjack pencil....
  6. H.Brown's Avatar
    A CRACKERJACK PENCIL...Wow now I am interested...
  7. escorial's Avatar
    to me to you
  8. H.Brown's Avatar
    to you to me...hahaha chuckle brothers
  9. escorial's Avatar
    there coming back..telly never been the same since they went
  10. H.Brown's Avatar
    No way, kids will just find them weired lol.
  11. escorial's Avatar
    spongebob rocks
  12. H.Brown's Avatar
    And you can't forget Patrick.
  13. escorial's Avatar
    so you organise swinging parties with laser guns and you have a website
  14. H.Brown's Avatar
    Hahahaha you make it sound so crass...

    Remember esc I work in an childrens play centre...
  15. escorial's Avatar
    your not a goat whisperer....
  16. H.Brown's Avatar
    No I shriek and shout at them, lol.
  17. escorial's Avatar
    what happens at a laser party....
  18. H.Brown's Avatar
    The children run and hide around the play frame and shoot each other with laser guns for laser tag, they have dinner and playing time as well. The kids get well excited and us staff sometimes get to join in if all the other jobs are done.
  19. escorial's Avatar
    do you swing...
  20. H.Brown's Avatar
    on swingsets yes..
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