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I'm going to be a billionaire

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So guys today I had this sudden thought I'd might be the next J.K Rowling because when I read my book over the course of a few hours I really started to feel like I may have a revolutionary book for the middle grade audience. I know that may seem like a stretch as most middle grade books don't reach like 500 million or 250 million copies but I want my book to reach 500 million copies for the childrens market. I really do feel like I earned it though with all the ups and downs with my life and everything and to mention the respitory isues with my lungs and whatnot. So remember me guys when you see me on the tonight show with jimmy fallon and other talk shows in the us.

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  1. RhythmOvPain's Avatar
  2. Smith's Avatar
    Lol, I want whatever you're on. I hate everything I write.
  3. escorial's Avatar
    never met a billionaire but met plenty of people without a pot to piss in..make a nice change that..good luck dude
  4. Robbie's Avatar
    How could I forget you Crimson? You have a generous heart.
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