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What I've been entertaining myself with lately.

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So, I'm a huge gamer. I play multiple genres, but my two mains are fighting games (Capcom/Marvel/SNK/ArcSys) and shooters (Battlefield/CoD/MoH). I've recently been re-exploring the history of modern warfare, and I found these crazy ass videos on YouTube which opened up my feed to a whole bunch of new shit I hadn't seen before documenting and correlating historical events throughout history and including their social, economic, etymological, racial, and political despair/expansion throughout modern human existence.

My Jesus freak friend (which whom I share a passion for fighting/shooting games ((and a PS4))) and I also have been engaging in ridiculously deep discussion about the religious and moral repercussions of war as a whole, although our discussions ultimately fall into the realm of wax poetic and semantics, ending my desire to continue the discussion, for a while, we get it the fuck in.

I'unno, maybe four or five years ago, I'd have more drive (or at least enthusiasm) for provocative and insightful discussion, but meh. I'm less spry than I was when I was 24; ALSO, I met my Jesus freak friend when I was 26, so technically he doesn't *REALLY* know me, and therefore can't form a legitimate opinion of me from a personal perspective outside of his observation of my, I suppose weakened state, as opposed to who I was before I underwent all of the shit that I'm still dealing with to this day.

Also, he doesn't know when to STFU. But, despite our ridiculous differences in religious view, we share political and social views becoming of brothers in arms against a world full of ridiculous and trifling bullshit that honestly needs to be stamped out at all costs.

Our love for one another is that of a pure brotherhood indiscriminate of race, creed, color, or religion; we are human, and we both respect each other as such.

This is the backbone of alliance in a world of hatred and agony: people coming together in respect to each other's hardships and similarities in a world full of differences, hypocrisy, tyranny, and disappointment.

We are the sum of ourselves, individually, and nothing more. Together we ride this merry-go-round called earth, and individually we co-exist among
one another regardless of our origin or belief system.

Clearly, some people just can't get along. Maybe it is just the human nature to take an offensive stance (for the most part), but war is something that can't be erased from the option list because it's so simple to accomplish and so effective at getting shit done.

The WORLD ITSELF has been moved through the actions of humans in an effort to fortify and protect its individual assets. We've destroyed half the world and rebuilt it in our image, and we live based on the rules built from belief systems formed centuries before we were even born. We were born believing that the laws and leaders' words before us were the absolute truth and that which stood against the belief structure we were raised in was wrong.

This allowed two separate, yet equally radical entities to take power in any organized society (probably from the beginning of human existence), and pretty much anyone not in these two groups was either a complete fucking pussy, nihilist, or simply had no stock in whichever side won: popular opinion (the moral majority) or the opposition (anarchist/fascist/marxist, for example).

As we creep ever closer towards the eight world power, I wonder if we have the moral/mental/physical fortitude to endure the day when conspiracy theories stop becoming a laughing matter and that nigger, cracker, chink, or spic standing next to you is the only person you can trust.

It falls upon the day when people are not led by personal bias, but instead guided with insight and a healthy dose of biased insight to shield the flank, for a full-on revolution to occur that won't end in WWIII or full on Armageddon.

It falls upon the world's inhabitants to stand up against the foolishness of psychopathic dictators, but let's reach an understanding: TRUMP ISN'T THAT BOI.

On some real shit, we're still an entire five or six lifetimes before any of that NWO shit takes effect. It's not going to happen because of people like me and my friend, the Jesus freak; people who aren't ready to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

Anyway I'm out of time for this particular blog post, so Im'a let y'all go and hope that THIS SHIT don't get taken down as well.


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  1. bdcharles's Avatar
    There are times when a monster gaming sessh is the only rational choice. I don't follow football (neither the US kind, nor the European one, nor any other for that matter) but I can't dispute it as a force for social good.
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