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No Chocolate....

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You know it's bad when you still have three days until payday but all your craving is a nice big bar of chocolate, or a giant gooey chocolate cake. Fingers crossed our baker at work is baking tomorrow so I can eat chocolatly off-cuts.

If anyone to send some in the post I will be very greatful, hahahaha.

What was the last thing you craved?

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  1. RhythmOvPain's Avatar
    I used to be addicted to caffeine, then it came along to pass that MSG would haunt my dreams. Then it was ice cream. >>
  2. Winston's Avatar
    Silence. I could eat it for days.
  3. dither's Avatar
    Best not go there.

    Apologies for that. Just a reaction to the question. I don't think I really have food cravings. Aren't cravings a "woman" thing? Generally speaking of course. Addiction, I would venture, is really something else entirely.
    Updated March 27th, 2018 at 04:39 PM by dither
  4. sas's Avatar
    An old fashioned thick chocolate malt, not those tasteless, thin milkshakes they serve today. If you’ve had a real malt, you’d know the difference. Thirty years ago, on a trip, I stopped at an old diner that had malts. Last real one I ever had (some places try to pass off malt powder in milkshakes as a malt). The owner told me the ingredient to make them was hard to get. I forgot why. Damn shame.
  5. TuesdayEve's Avatar
    Ice lately more cravings
    because of a new ‘lifestyle’ change. Trying to
    maintain ketosis (burning fat for fuel rather
    than carbs) is harder now than at first.
  6. TuesdayEve's Avatar
    Recently found a dairy free, low carb,
    low sugar, all natural, frozen dessert
    called Halo Top...chocolate..280 cals
    per PINT! It’s a miracle.
    It’s a little pricey, equal to Hagen Das
    and the taste is satisfactory.
  7. escorial's Avatar
    fame and fortune...just keeps ignoring me....
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