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Longing of dreams.

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I feel the empty place inside,
a place where you could live 'n' thrive.
Wishing for the day that I find,
a bright, familiar inquiring mind.
To gaze upon your fragile form,
encased inside a mother's warmth.
Looking deep into eyes like mine,
my heart it soars to hear, 'she's fine.'
With each beat of your tiny heart,
I lose myself, we'll never part.
Dreams sweet edge casts me free,
to wake and find there's no little me.

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Updated March 8th, 2018 at 11:58 PM by H.Brown (revision.)



  1. RhythmOvPain's Avatar
    I really like this.

    Was "sours" supposed to be "soars" though?
  2. H.Brown's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RhythmOvPain
    I really like this.

    Was "sours" supposed to be "soars" though?
    Good catch I missed that one.
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