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In the spirit of the month...

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The bed lifted slightly from the floor. Terrified Elise ducked under her patchwork quilt, shivering in the midnight moonlight.

What was that? She asked herself as her mind conjured images of zombies and murderous ghosts.

Shaking from head to toe she carefully peeped her eyes out and watched shadows dance across her white walls. One poster in particular caught her attention, keep calm and carry on, it proclaimed with three innocent ginger kittens frolicking.

Elise smiled to herself and tried to stop her heart, bursting from her chest, when it came again, softer this time but tbe bump was unmistakable. Taking a deep breath she braced her hands on the edge of her double mattress, before lowering herself down.

Past the wooden base and peered into the vast darkness that was the dreaded under the bed.


Elise frowned as she searched in vain for whatever monster had been lurking underneath. Confused she sat up straight, letting her quilt fall away.

Had it been real?

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