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  1. escorial's Avatar
    The euro currency has been a flop in Europe and has in effect unified prices...a big dose of globalisation which is destabilising world economy's..capatilism with it's boom an bust thingy is the only one that works..add a dash of socialism an it can stop screwing the poor but one thing you have is a man at the top who can speak his mind minus the political correctness an institutionalised politicians who are just unsure how to react to someone of his Calibre..on the whole I like the guy from my sitting room chair in front of the telly over here..
  2. escorial's Avatar
    Spain has damaged democracy..mmm an this man has damaged Spain....Catalan separatist must have independence physical and mental..Albert Camus asked the same life worth living..
  3. escorial's Avatar
    This fool has compared his treatment as that of a peado...he deffo has ETA blood running through his viens...
  4. escorial's Avatar
    Separatist March yesterday in protest at the 8 jailed freedom fighters.....
  5. bobo's Avatar
  6. escorial's Avatar
    Franco done the same thing an he was at it until his death but the sepratist have a poor figure head...I do want to see someone from the 8 take that position an see we're they is enthralled with events but concerned for any extremist jumping on the band wagon..
  7. escorial's Avatar
    We're playing with democracy itself..the pug is a now it's the Russians...Catalan in the wealthy parts were your 38 came from
    .ditch him...the less wealthy part of Catalan wait for the vote an have your say...then democracy will be played out
  8. escorial's Avatar
    The pug said yesterday..I'm still president..I detest this man and cannot find an objective pov which annoys me an frustrates me..
  9. escorial's Avatar
    The pug was interviewed on the ussr channel by the failed we Jimmy coup leader in a hidden location ..
    Disney Land Paris maybe
  10. escorial's Avatar
    Facism ain't so
  11. escorial's Avatar
    Spanish police were accused of being heavy handed with Liverpool footy fans an the other night a massive brawl with german footy fans erupted here...that's what the world is one big footy leauge
  12. escorial's Avatar
    Spanish gov has let the extradition proceeding for the pug to falter... rumor has it he wants to start to be part of the campaigning that has begun...I wonder if he will return
  13. escorial's Avatar
    now that poll has set the CAT amongst the pigeons
  14. escorial's Avatar
    all quite on the cat front...2 days hence
  15. escorial's Avatar
    The pug wants to communicate through Skype..weird the way someone can ride out embarrassing themselves while others would be dumped...right time right place maybe
  16. escorial's Avatar
    A socialist has made a capitalist lose a vote of no confidence...regardless of political philosophy what unites them all is greed and power but alas the people who secure power are not always the best to govern with power..long live the dream of eutopia because I'm not waiting to reach the pearly gates to discover that I never went to church when holidaying in benidorm
  17. Kevin's Avatar
    Eh mmm. Eman, could you become a front line reporter, hmmm? What with all the closeness transport you might take a bedroll and head south
  18. escorial's Avatar
    im an armchair anarchist and only want to use the internet to put my thoughts down...I will be doing a bed in for peace like john an yoko and i'm off to bed to start a revolution...
  19. escorial's Avatar
    Vox are on the rise .popularists but not about immigrants or Europe but more about women and Catalonia trying for gets the feeling that politics all over Europe is changing...the leader was a political lightweight but now he's the new kid on the block...
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