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Beethoven's 5th (part II)


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Not the greatest of days. I was working away and turned my ankle on an uneven surface. This caused a temporary loss of balance and I fell over onto the customer's driveway. It's a steep slope and I ended up rolling into the middle of the road.
So, I'm limping and I have a gashed hand (scraped it along the drive) that was oozing blood for quite a while.
This glass-half-full stuff is quite funny really because I'm thankful that I wasn't run over and that I broke no bones. Nothing wrong that won't improve over a few days - indeed, it's a little better already.

I hadn't hurt myself at work for years until a few weeks ago, now this. That's two in a couple of months.

If I were a horse they'd have put me in a tin by now.

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  1. escorial's Avatar
    stay safe code.....
  2. bobo's Avatar
    Some would search for why it happened - preoccupied ??
  3. Phil Istine's Avatar
    I wouldn't say that I was particularly preoccupied really. I just trod on a place where the driveway was two inches lower than the path and turned my ankle. I had to go over or break my ankle, I think.

    I'm feeling the impact points this morning a bit more. Right shoulder, right wrist, left hip, but at least the gash on my left hand isn't bleeding. Will be OK for tentative work with my left hand well covered.

    It's one of those times that I'm only going to work because I'm self-employed - a great cure for many maladies. If it had been an accident at work as an employee, I probably would have taken a couple of days to recover better. I ought to really but finances are too tight.
  4. Smith's Avatar
    Good to hear you're alright; doesn't sound like anything too serious happened, fortunately. A guy crushed his finger at my work just yesterday actually, and had to go to the hospital. Don't be that guy.
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