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Olly Buckle

Odds and ends

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Someone I know coming the other way flashed their lights at me, and the chap in front stuck to the speed limit all the way through the village, were these two events related? Probably.

I came across the phrase ‘He thinks he is a teacher, but he is only an instructor’. Now who does that remind me of?

Bulbs are poking green shoots through the snow. The survival abilities of the frail amaze me, a petal will bruise at a touch, wither in week, or a day, and yet return every year.

If Arlo Guthrie had had a group based in the restaurant would they have been called ‘The Alice band’?

I hate it when people don’t explain; someone talking about DNA testing mentioned “A very small proportion of the population you can’t take finger prints from”. Why? The ones without hands? The ones allergic to the ink? And do these minorities have a propensity to criminality?

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  1. Winston's Avatar
    Regarding the bulbs: We have had an abnormally cold Winter here. We should be seeing our little green shoots about now. Methinks the ground is still too cold.
    Never seen ours poke through the snow.
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