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"Poets are fortunate. We share ourselves with the world every time we put a poem out there, because whether we create personae or not, those words didn't come from the apple tree in the backyard. And through that sharing we hear echoes and memories and congruities between people and experiences, if not deeper certainly differently than most people. Sometimes a blessing. Sometimes a curse. But always an embracing, and therein a reaching out to others on common ground perhaps not cleared before."

I'm not sure how blogs work. I wrote the statement above in relation to a particular poem, and I'm interested in the opinions of non-poets--does the statement hold their interest, or is it just a bunch of pretentious fluff? I assume this 'blog' is going out to a wider audience than the group in whih it was posted.?

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  1. escorial's Avatar
    you can read it anyway you want but for me it man
  2. Neetu's Avatar
    It resonates with me too, Clark. But I am a poet so would definitely agree. Don't know about non-poets...........
  3. clark's Avatar
    Thanks Esc, but I haven't yet fully exposed the level of my ignorance__what IS a 'blog'? I wrote that confession in blue four months ago and just got back to it now. This Bear of Little Brain has finally figgered out that a Blog is sort of a personal little thing on your own 'page' where you chat a bit about. . .whatever. Good stuff. Got it. The chat is on. Thanks, Esc, again, and thanks for your comment Neetu. I think non-poets would probably scratch their heads and mumble, what ARE these pansies goin' on about. . .?'
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