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Gone...Inactive...Back again

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Hello again WF!

It's been a while since I actually posted something in the forums but really I've been super busy , Here in my country it's back to school and this made carry a lot of pressure and stress (Lucky for you guys who have summer already) everday it's just filled with homeworks and long tests (If I mean by long tests 100 questions) I barely got time to write my stories and I feel so sad...

But! There are some good benifits I have this school year in my country and I am quite lucky to be recieving this courses in class! First off we are going to make robots in our I.T subject! It's going to be a huge benefit for me because I LOVE messing around with technology and not only that I am good at programming, making websites and also coding! This robotics project will be a huge opportunity for me to develop my I.T skills

The next thing we have is inEnglish, learning about the Anglo-Saxon period and Shakespear, I always love Shakespear's Hamlet really that story intrigued me ever since I was just a kid and here I am in the present rereading and understanding it completely! But we are going to focus more on Sonnets. Have you all tried to make sonnets? because we did in our english class it was quite fun and interesting to make!

We're supposed to have our clubs today (My club is Young Artist Guild) but our classes got cancelled since it's raining very hard in this place. In the mean time I shall improve my drawing skills as well as writing...

Have a good day everyone!~

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