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Changes to my school

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Well this bites, Long Ridge has elected, for whatever reason, to change their name. Now it's a corporate name- Institute for Writers. They promise that no changes will be made to how the school functions- just the name, the website, and their location. I don't get it. Long Ridge Writers Group is a name that stands out, Institute for Writers not so much. It sounds clinical, static, corporate, bland. Whatever, at least the material isn't changing.

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  1. PrinzeCharming's Avatar
    Yeah, you're right about that! Connecticut has The Institute of Living, a residential psychiatric facility in Hartford. When I volunteered during my undergraduate years, I assisted foreign exchange students enrolled in the University of Connecticut American English Language Institute. It wasn't much of an institute. It was more of a foreign exchange group. I suppose the change is to bring out political correctness.

    "Hi. My name is Anthony. I am addicted to character development."
    "Welcome Anthony!"
  2. MzSnowleopard's Avatar
    It's annoying, the word institute, imo, implies not just the practice of but the research of something. Suppose I were to change the name of the RPG group I run from The RPG Organization to The RPG Institute or The Institute of RPG. Would you expect sole focus on literary role-play (play-by-post) or this plus the research of the phenomena? In my perspective it would be both with a greater focus towards research.

    Just my opinion
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