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oh boy- annoying

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I have discovered one thing that will stop me from writing, from accomplishing anything, pretty much

The Hiccups

I challenge anyone to try and be productive when this happens.

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  1. Smith's Avatar
    Oh my, it's actually probably funny for other people to see how frustrated, and sometimes even angry, I get when the hiccups hit.
  2. TJ1985's Avatar
    I hate that! You're sitting there trying to do something and then those rascals show up and won't go away. I've found only one "cure", sip water for a nine count, no breaths between sips.
  3. MzSnowleopard's Avatar
    I wish people wouldn't laugh at others because of these rascals. After all they in turn get upset and frustrated when someone laughs at them when THEY get the hiccups.
  4. Soul5hadows7's Avatar
    Writing yourself a scary story might make them go away.
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