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Butterfly Shadows

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Reichelina and I made this poem in about a minute and a half because we want to make money. I suppose this will be the first of many blogs. I used to write little rhyming words to match the feelings of others come and gone. Now I don't have to stop. Now I can be happy that our friendship will overshadow all of my past fears. I was insecure. I was lonely. I am glad that WF led me to such a wonderful person.

I shall whisper kisses to the moon
In this cold summer night
Enveloped like a plea
To guard you and your heart
Every moment we're apart
When you're not with me.
And if this kiss should go astray
Do not think I've gone away.
I've only gone, for this is true,
To bring your kisses back to you.

Your servant,

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  1. Reichelina's Avatar
    because we want to make money.
    How much do you think we'll make? LOL.
  2. ShadowEyes's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Reichelina
    How much do you think we'll make? LOL.
    About tree fiddy.
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