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Sex, God, and a bunch of other stuff

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So this rambling piece of reflections by a fictional character I am writing will be finish by the end of April. The character talks about everything from what is right and wrong to God to politics to eating pie to sex to love to how to make a cocktail, and how to drink your soda to well, you get it.

So, I'm pretty conservative, and not religious, but believe in the importance of it. Kind of in between religions right now. But the F word and reflections on sex, comparing an orgasm to the Eucharist, and how some thing oral sex is sinful, but that I (the character too) think it is just really nasty to put the mouth on the part where people urinate, and eating Oreo cookies and drinking Dr. Pepper in bed with a partner, and using the F word a lot. And I am wondering: Well, what are my Catholic, traditionalist friends going to say when I ask a couple perhaps to critique if for me? I am not cutting the vulgarity. That's just not happening. It's life. I'm not writing soft porn. It is a guy's reflection on everything from drinking Dr. Pepper to sex to the death penalty is right to geopolitics. It's a philosophical work of sorts, purposely rambling.

Well, I like it well enough. The sexual orgasm is the Eucharist of matrimony, because matrimony is a sacrament, and the pinnacle of the Eucharist, is well, receiving it. And the pinnacle of marriage is the sexual act, which properly understood is not bad. A marriage must be consummated to be valid, and sex is seen as a good thing when it comes down to it. But some, in the Victorian mind, might be offended by my use of the F word. "And then we f*$ed" for example.

I wonder how far they will get before complaining.....

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