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I think it is going well

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So I've developed the characters well through action. I burned, so to speak, all of my novel (one of them) past chapter five. I just felt it got shallow. Here I've managed to develop. I made, for example, one character a total jerk, when I meant to make him a rather good guy with flaws. I have done that. There is hostility now between him and the protagonist, but it will end, like such hostilities often do. But there is a constant one between he and one of the main characters. A hot girl throwing him on the ground with her foot on his neck--a bit erotic you might say, though it is done in hatred pretty much. I hope it is not melodramatic. I have not made it sexual in any way, but some guys like that sort of stuff in itself. I did create where a character was sexually aroused by it. Maybe I should post the action scene, one of them at least, or both. They are fast flowing conversations/action scenes, so even though they took up two or three pages, they really take up less. And it was double spaced. I think they do develop. I am very happy with it After I edit it personally maybe. Thing is, I read that Taylor Swift is very careful when she is writing a song. She is very afraid it will be stolen--the idea, etc. I am like that. Anyone else.

In any case, there is a reason for her acting like this. It is not clear, except some foreshadowing. She's a complex character. Her actions have a deep root. She is not totally evil. She is an anti-heroine. I mix narration with action. Too much showing makes a work longer. As the saying goes, take the middle road. But I am so happy with it after I scrapped the first draft.

It's literary fiction, but I have learned not to preach nevertheless. There is one quick discussion on Marx, and why the bourgeoisie is superficial and problematic, but it helps develop the the character who is superficial, though good, and is fond of money, though not greedy. That is how I think such things should work. It is only a few lines of dialogue. I really love how I created the contrast of the two sisters--the angry one, and the superficial one, each with their vices and virtues. And then the other sister, with her balance you might say. Then the brothers, the drug addict, and the conceited one. Well, there it is. A ramble.

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